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We envision a world of health equity, social and environmental justice for migrant and refugee communities.

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CHWCMR & TMWG take you closer to Santa

Every child deserves hope, a spark to light a fire under their dreams. If any family lacks the means to provide a gift for their children this Christmas, please contact us.

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Parallel Lines

A Message from Our Board of Directors

Our position on addressing structural racism is best expressed in the vision for our organization: “Achieve health equity and social justice in migrants and refugees’ communities.” We endeavor to achieve this vision through supporting Community Health Workers and Community Champions. In light of current events, we re-commit ourselves to humbly listening to, honoring, respecting, and supporting these courageous individuals who are dedicated to improving the health of their communities.


CHWCMR Annual Report 2021

CHWCMR Annual Report 2020