Reunification of Families who are seeking political asylum affected by COVID -19 in the USA

The project consists of teaming up with the DOH in the process of immigrants who have entered the USA with the purpose of obtaining political asylum and who were infected by COVID 19 and referred to the DHO by ICE, to pass the period of quarantine, give them medical follow-up and help them in the family reunification process. In this context, the CHWs are offering support in translation and transfer to the airport to complete this phase of detention and continue in the process together with their families.


As an active member of the Coalition of Community Health Workers for Migrants and Refugees, the experience is humanly rewarding in contributing from immigrant to immigrant that the experience of this process is one of empathy, human warmth and support following the mission of the CHWCMR. This experience takes place within an attitude of solidarity, pleasant interaction, compassion and support at all times for the needs that new immigrants require.

Our Work