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CHW  Ambassadors

Our Trusted Members of the Communities perform many different functions and roles with in our coalition. They are called by many titles, including CHWs,Patient Navigators, Coaching, Translators, Facilitators, and Ambassadors. As ambassadors provide with direct services to our community. They are the bridge between our community and stakeholders.


Oral Health Ambassador

Our Program to  overcome oral health barriers across WA

Taller de salud Oral M&M.png
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WIC Ambassador

A program to overcame barrier of getting WIC among our Latinx  in Snohomish

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CARE Connect Ambassador

A program to assist COVID-19 patients to stay in quarentine in Thurston

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Environmental Ambassador

A program to involve our youth in the field of social environment

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Perinatal Ambassador

A program to overcome barrier in getting the resources and tools to prevent and reduce-perinatal depression across WA

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