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Art Therapy

Art is the expression of ourself...

The Art therapy Program is to enhance a person's physical, mental, and emotional well-being by using the creative process of making art. It supports self-expression, emotional exploration, stress management, and the development of self-awareness and self-esteem in people.

More about us:

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Our Program


Dr. Ileana Maria Ponce- Gonzalez  is not only a great Public Health leader, she proves an amazing artist as well.

Originally from Nicaragua, Ileana's artistic journey is inspired by the works of Dali, Frida Khalo and the Nicaraguan Primitivist Painting Movement. She successfully represents idealized scenes of community life, the daily lives of peasants from her native country, as well as other issues such as cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, social justice, and issues related to immigration. Her work has been showcased in clinics and healthcare facilities throughout North America, the majority of which have been donated to honor the cause. 


Our Painting

Our Artists

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