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Oral Health and Social Determinant of Health

Oral health is one of the greatest unmet health needs of migrant farmworkers.Poor oral health reduces quality of life and is related to the development and exacerbation of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.In addition to the many barriers migrant workers face in accessing oral health care, a lack of knowledge about what contributes to good oral health, and a failure to understand good oral hygiene behaviors contribute to their well-documented poor oral health outcomes. Therefore, CHWCMR dedicades its effort to reduce oral health injustice using a CHW model.

Dentist Appointment

Oral Helath & Social Determinants of Health Projects


Developing and training CHW across to state is so short to be unable to smile.

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Conference in Oral Health

Comming together to talk about poor oral health in undersrved population is a responsability of everyone.

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