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Board of Directors

Ileana Maria Ponce-Gonzalez, MD, MPH
President/Executive Director/Founder

Jeanna Deforeit

Jeanna is a professional leader in the area strategy planning, Non-profits Organization, health advocacy, capacity building, cancer, and CHW.

Maria Choquerunta

Maria  was born in Peru and she is looking for assylum.  She has worked with us for over one year as a CHW and now our Program Coordinator.  Her knowledge in human resources and finances is a great plus for our organization. Maria is so proud of the work she does with CHWMR, because of the opportunity we gave her. We supported her to take classes as a Behavioral Translator with an agreement we have with WA DOH and Mental Health First Aids for Mental Crisis in the family along with a colleague, Dr. Jimenez, who is also one of our members. All these trainings were provided to her for free. 

Jeff Hummel, MD, MPH

Jeff is a retired general internist with strong experience in public health and currently active as a consultant, educator and quality improvement leader. Recurring themes in an eclectic career include the use of information technology to improve population health, engaging marginalized communities, working in multi-disciplinary teams, and cultural competency.

Silvia Maceda

My name is Silvia Maceda, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, from a small and humble town. She speaks Spanish, Mixtec, and basic English. I came to the US 20 years ago crossing the border looking to see ways to help my family in Mexico. In the USA I started my life with my boyfriend and from that relationship I got pregnant. Unfortunately 6 months after that, he would return to Mexico leaving me abandoned. I am a single mother who is raising my 4 children: 2 daughters of 19 years and 2 boys of 16 and 10 years old. I started living in California where I had my twins. Then, for personal reasons, I had to move to Skagit, where I currently reside with my four children and I am a Seasonal Farmworker.

Peggy Evans, PhD

Peggy is a healthcare leader and strategist with a passion for supporting the health of our communities especially vulnerable populations, and believes people engagement and empowerment are critical to that goal.

Elizabeth Torres

Elizabeth Torres is a second-generation Latinx and both her parents and herself have worked as farmworkers in the Yakima Valley. She is one of our former Program Coordinators and has been working with CHWCMR since we became a 501c3. Elizabeth has worked with the University of Washtington as a community-based research associate and also works with Radio KDNA in Sunnyside, WA from SeaMar.  She lives in the Yakima Valley in Toppenish, WA.  Elizabeth assisted us at a crucial time in the early days of the Coalition. 

Michael Parchman MD, MPH

Senior Investigator is a nationally recognized scholar in chronic illness care research at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute’s MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation. A family practitioner and health services researcher, Dr. Parchman previously served as the director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Practice-Based Research Network Initiative and senior advisor for primary care.