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Reducing Structural Barriers

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Washington Social Justice Project
Youth Youth Ambassador for Social Justice,

We oppose any kind of social, political, and economic and institutional injustice.

Social Justice & Health Equity

Interview by Dr. Kumara R Sundar

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Interview-with-IleanaInterview by Dr. Kumara R Sundar
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Youth Ambassador for Social Justice Program. Snohomish Social Justice Project

Social Injustice & racism are two words hard to hear...we need to be respectful, inclusive, and diverse for a healthy community.


CHWCMR invites all our CHWs to apply for a small grant of $1500 to learn how to write a grant and how to manage the funding, here are our grantees.


Title of Grant: Learning to Eat Healthy

Applicants: Anastacia Martinez & Vilma Alechi

Overall Goal: Provide dinner while they learn how to prepare healthy food to  8 families with 54 members from Skagit County,


Title of Grant: Breastfeeding without pain

Applicants: Clara Olea Galeana & Flora Ybarra

Overall Goal: Teaching the technique of breastfeeding without pain by keeping a good posture for parent and baby, eating healthy, and taking care of your emotions to 10 women from Arburn and Everett. 

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Vaccine Accessibility & Health Equit

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