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Tea Fields



Environmental Programs

Prevention of exposure to pesticides in Humans and Environment


Infectious Diseases

We're providing a number of services within our Coronavirus Program that help our CHW communities.


Oral Health

CHWCMR conducted 32 oral workshops with a total of 697 participants living in rural and low-income communities in Washington State from 2017-2019.

Videos From Our CHW's

Our Community Health Workers create videos to inform their communities.


CHW  Ambassadors

Trusted Members of the Communities perform many different functions and roles with in our coalition.


Mental Health

Mental Health is a part of our organs where all emotions, feelings and experience are record. Therefore, as a heart, we need to take care of mental health.


Los Originales CHW Radio

Weekly programs on topics we work on, interviews and more.

Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) serve the needs of our refugeees, people seeking assylum andfarmworkers.  

Our CHWs are not volunteers, they are independent contractors who are compensated as professionals who serve their communities. 

Parallel Lines
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