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Meet the Team of CHW's in WA

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A program of the CHWCMR
Un programa del CHWCMR 

January 2022



Art, Mental & COVID-19

Drawing with CHWS during COVID-19

This program is to support CHWs, and Medical Personal during the COVID-19. Managing our one's well-being with art therapy such as painting, dancing, and acting is also form of intervention for mental health.

Our first phase is to work with our Migrants and Refugees from Snohomish, most of them Mesoamerican Indigenous.

Second phase, we are going to work with our CHWs families, where we are going to integrate the children and parents.

Our last phase, it is to plan an art exhibition.

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Community Art Therapy Class

Collage -Heroes of COVID-19

 First Class: How to know your materials and use your brushes

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On Feb 18, 2022, nine participants learned the name of their materials, essential color, and how to use their brushes with the Acrylic Painting while were painting a scenery