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MPV Project

We have been contributing to reduce health disparities among hesitancy to MPV vaccine  by using a Community Health Workers (CHW) model.

Our CHWs are also members of our LGBTQ community and other person living with immunocompromised diseases, they  will reach people at high risk of MPV infection, and to whom the participants will trust.

reached more than 700 people who have been not vaccinated from our target community living with poor immunce system. A total of 70 individuals got their MPox vaccines:  55 their first doses, and 15 the second doses. 

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Love and to be loved.

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CHW registered participants to get the MPOX

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The important thing is to take care of ourself

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Ready for my second doses of MPox

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Protecting me, it is protecting the people I care about

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¿No sabes donde vacunarte contra el Mpox
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¿No sabes donde vacunarte contra el Mpox
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White Structure

Reducing structural barriers for MPV Vaccination

We know that there are many structural barriers to get vaccinated, some of them are the lack of transportation, time, and lack of health insurance among others. Therefore, we would like to support you to overcomes  some of those barriers. For each administered dose, you will receive a stipend of $50 dollar for vaccine and for $ 50 transportation.  

There  is currently an outbreak of MPV with cases spreading in Washington state. For more informaiton about the # cases in WA:

To make an appointment to for Mpox vaccines at your near location:  

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MPox Interview

First-MPOX Forum with WA DOH & CHWCMR

Bilingual Interview

Second-MPOX Forum with WA DOH & CHWCMR

Bilingual Interview

Third-MPOX Forum with WA DOH & CHWCMR

Bilingual Interview


Spanish Interview

Spanish-Educative Materials

Get Vaccinated, Easy and Save lives

The MPox vaccine protects against Severe Cases

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