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COVID-19 Barclay Program 2023

COVID-19 Program 2023

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   ·        The devastating impact of Covid-19 on Black, Latinx and Native American communities has placed a spotlight on health disparities. Therefore, we continue our efforts to reduce health disparities by reducing the spread of COVID-19  in our state. We have already done 13 workshops with 220 participants facilitated by 26 CHWs in 41 cities around the state since 2022. Four of these workshops were from our Barclay Grant.


Audio Book in Spanish

Script 1 (1)Mom the COVID-19 is protective
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Script 2Hugo needs the COVID-19
00:00 / 01:24
Script 3 Maria MCOVID-19 for pregnant women
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COVID-19 Barclay Program 2022

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