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CHWCMR  Addressing COVID-19

CHWCMR, continuing with its faith against the COVID-19, has developed a new curriculum focused on the currently evidence-based information. We are working on a community education program for our Latinx Migrants, Refugees, Parole, seeking asylum and LGTBQ+ Latinxs.

CHWCMR provides with the last news about COVID-19 and recommendation of WA DOH & CDC

On June 25, we participated in a health fair where A total of 26 people were vaccinated on our Care-Van Activity on June 25th, 23.

We also talked directly with members of our community to raise awareness about the importance of obtaining the vaccine against COVID-19. 

Educative Materials in Spanish

OUR Workshops

Voices of our Community

Could a COVID-19 vaccine causes Autism?
The  COVID-19 vaccine are Free.
Nahualt Language / Working together we can faight agains COVID-19
What happens if my immunologic system is weak, can I get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
We need to the last news about COVID-19 vaccine?
Our Recommendations
Stay up to date
Why is important to get a booster for COVID-19 Vaccine
The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine
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