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Thanks to our Seattle Fire Department for listening us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As some of our CHWs we got the first dose of COVID-19 , Moderna, vaccine. Thank you to the diligence of the Seattle Fire Department , Kaiser Permanente, and Luzmila Freese, a Latino Community Found community leader who collaborated with us .

My feelings are mixed, I am happy ,because I am almost immunized for now . Another dose is needed in one more month. I am also sad, because other members of my communities do not have access to COVID-19 vaccine.

We wonder why the Seattle Fire Department is the first in line to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when most minorities cannot. Well, I got it now, they are able to hear us. Unlike other authorities, the Seattle Fire Department is present and working against the structural barrier we faced. They are bringing COVID-19 vaccine to our communities and they are working with us. The process was easy, transparent, and professional. It was hard to believe that I finally got the first injection of COVID-19.

Thank you to the Seattle Fire Department, one more time you are heroes, I hope other organizations follow your example

Enough talking, very little actions in the vaccine rollout for historically underserved communities in the state

Actions is what we need as the rate of COVID-19 in the state is still rising among us.


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