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Small 501c3 is a Big Giant against COVID-19

CHWCMR at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19, it is with great pride and satisfaction that CHWCMR wants to share with the entire Washington state community an interview that our Executive Director, Dr. Ileana Ponce, had, where she describes some of work and services that CHWCMR has provided to our Latino community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Bilingual video reflects all the efforts deployed by CHWCMR, led by Dr. Ileana Ponce, who not only fought for the rights of its more than 180 registered members throughout the state of Washington, but also for all the migrants and essential workers who initially were not considered to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Thanks to this initiative, and the support of our sponsors, CHWCMR has developed innumerable creative materials in Spanish and indigenous languages, for adults and children, such as a Curriculum, videos, and workshops that allowed for accurate and timely information to be brought to the community.

This momentum also allowed the creation of Los Originales CHW Radio, the first Spanish-language radio in Edmonds, which allows us to be the voice of our CHWs and bring them important information for them and their families.

For this and much more, feel proud to be part of CHWCMR.

To watch the video, you can click on the following link:


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