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First Sport Activity to protect children against COVID-19

Today we went to the "Rancho" for our first campaign to talk about how to take care of our children against COVID-19. We are visiting our families that have children who practice a sport. Since they are at high risk to be exposed to COVID-19 if they are under 12 years or any children and person who are not vaccinate, due to the new variants that are killing many unvaccinated people, including children.

Escaramuza Sport, is a beautiful sport to ride a horse that requires a lot training for women at early age, when they practice the sport with a wood horse. The experience was rewarding because we were so happy to clarify some much misinformation.

We also talk with their parents and invite them to get the vaccine, use the facemask and keep social distance. We are going to give a stipend of $50 per doses of COVID-19 Vaccine and Uber transportation , thank you to our sponsors WADOH, WEARDH, Shen Yen Lu, North Sound ACH, and PGP Foundation and AllinWA for supporting our COVID-19 efforts.


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