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A state will be judged for the way people at high risk from COVID-19 are treated.

CHWCMR is going to bring the voices of our Latinx communities in WA States. Structural barriers are preventing us to get health services and COVID-19 vaccine. If you do not implement a public health Intervention for the people at high risk of sick and hospitalization of the COVID-19, you will not control the spread of the virus.

How we can help our officials to work with Trusted Members of our community to control the COVID-19. One is to bring the truth, Hesitancy of COVID-19 vaccine for Latinx is a myth. We are ready to go and help our community to get on line and sign up for the vaccine. But no one will listen to us. Although we are 13% population , we have 32% of the of COVID-19 cases in our state, but only 2% of us are vaccinated as of the end of January. The data is clear, but the phases of the vaccine roll-out did not mention us.


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