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Walking Together is program to prevent perinatal depression runs by CHWs

Let us remember that our program WALKING TOGETHER has eight Modules and after each one of them we carry out our Focus group. You will ask yourself and why? Well, because the objective is that after we receive such important information, it is also very important to know the opinions and knowledge acquired, as well as the perception of depression and its respective prevention of all the participants.

We will tell you… we finished the first Module with the six work teams and WE HAVE ALREADY CONDUCTED OUR FIRST FOCUS GROUP OF MODULE I with the first team… the participants were able to express that they were very interested in the topics, especially Anxiety and Depression that many of them they had had many of the characteristics that had been mentioned, but out of fear or ignorance they did not ask for help.

One of our participants stated that she had had depression that she went to the doctor and to Therapy that she is in the process of recovery with the workshop she remembered everything that she had gone through and that she does not want it to happen to another person, beautiful words of empathy, He gave us information about the Institution where he attended, which we shared with all those who might need it at some point, that is also our goal to share Organizations that we can count on to receive help.

We feel happy with what we are doing, we are in the process of ensuring that our participants have a self-knowledge that they learn to identify what happens to them, what emotion they are feeling at a certain moment, we understand that emotions fulfill important functions, and it can be difficult to change one of them if you don't understand what it does for you …… yes this time we worked on the FEAR emotion when talking about it a participant stated that she was too afraid which made it impossible for her in many activities… and we will continue working on many more emotions to be able to change our responses emotional and remember THERE IS NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH.


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