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Structural racism, we dedicate our poem in solidarity to our Asian Americans' sisters and brothers

Beyond my understanding, structural racism

By Ileana María Ponce-Gonzalez

Hate crime during the COVID-19 pandemic

8 people died in March 2021

6/8 were Asian- American women,

maybe migrants or families arrived as refugees

Another Mass Femicide

While killer’s motive justified as the White guy “has a bad day” by an official in Georgia.

Structural racism, double standards

Demonstrating compassion for a white killer

Justify the cause by a mental condition

Among white killers is common

Then why they buy and own a gun…

While we should be in solidarity for the pandemic

Some are dedicated to hate

8 people part of 8 precious families were killed

As if the current violence against them is not enough

Due to the criminalization of Asians for COVID-19

From a former US president

7,314 criminal hate crime incidents reported in 2019 by the FBI

Beyond my understanding structural racism

If people of color were the killer

Everyone by now will know the name and motive.

Beyond my understanding, structural racism.


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