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Cultural Humility and Competences with CHWCMR and Whatcom CC at the Hibulb Cultural Center

June 1rd, 2019 was an extraordinary day, because I had the honor to share our training “Cultural Humility and Competencies” with JJ L. McMinds, Quileute enrolled Quinault Manager, Tribal Relations of Coordinated Care.

We trained AHEC Scholars cohort, which includes students from the following health professions programs (some dual): ND; MPH; Medicine; PA; RN; DNP; Acupuncture/Eastern Medicine; and speech/hearing pathology. The students during our training recognize, accept, respect and celebrate, our cultural diversity through story telling techniques and American Native rich culture of Tulalip Tribes.

CHWCMR thanks to the Tulalip Tribe for allowing us to visit the Hibulb Cultural Center and JJ L. McMinds for making it possible and sharing her ancestral tradition with us.

I went with my mom and JJ took care of my mom and she were another elderly from the Nation with love and respect. I whish everyone of us can do the same for our elderly people.


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