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Congratulations CHWCMR Team for the well-done job!

On August 10th, 2019, Mrs. Luz Romero and Julissa Schneider and Mr. Carlos Jimenez conducted the # 10 CHWCMR Oral & Social Determinant Workshop in Pasco, WA.  

CHWCMR is very proud to announce that we have successfully trained more than 200 participants during this year. This achievement could not be done without the hard work of a total of 17 community champions, and the collaboration of 10 partners, who host the event for our communities who need this information the most around the state.  This project is also supported by the dedication of three supervisors, two Program Coordinators, one Fiscal Manager, and one Program Director.   In addition, thanks to Arcora for funding this project without its economic support, we were unable to reduce oral health disparities around the state among migrants and refugees. This program also provided our community champions with the experience needs to become professional community health workers.


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