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Celebrating Democracy last Sunday with our Champions

We finally are able to breath and see the ligth at the end of the tunnel.

We invite you to listen one of our talented artist: Isaura Fernandez in you tube:

Thanks to:

Our spiritual Friend, Nolvia, for the deepest and needed prayers

Dr. Mejia for hosting an outstanding celebration with history and knowledge

Dr. Parchman for the wonderful poem 

Don Carlito, for his knowledge and wisdom about what is democracy

Our artist, Isaura for her beautiful songs: Cucurrucucu,  and tres regalos

Our Angel, Michelle, for their lovely and inspirational poems.

Our reliable Mario, for making possible to have a virtual radio “La Coalicion”

ALAS for the ethical and exotic music of our Garifunas

All participants: Etelvina, Lorgia, Soyla, Lorena, Silvia, Dr. Antonio.


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