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 COVID-19 vaccine among migrants and refugees using a CHW Model 


We creates 13 videos in different-indigenous languages include Triqui alto, Tiqui bajo, Mixteco, Q’anjobal, Nahualt, Kichua, Mam, Purepecha, Garifunas. In addition to the Spanish and English. Additionally, many printed and virtual materials as brochures, banner, flyers,  posters and infographics created for our CHWs based on information from WA DOH, CDC, and NIH.  All these materials are shared through our social media, newsletters, webpage. 


Dozen of CHWs distributing our COVI-19 educative materials in their communities, clinics, local markets, schools, and churches around the state. Our CHWs produce radio spot and more than 250,000 people listening them through Radio KDNA and Los Originales CHW Radio. In addition, we created three TV spot plays at Univision with more than 300,000-1,000,000 and 30 signs will be on the yard of our CHWs, Transit advertisement plays in billboards and local buses, Virtual Workshop to prevent COVID-19.

During the first phase, we conducted 10 virtual workshops with a total of 200 participants with participants from Renton, Skagit, Lake city, Snohomish, Mount Vermont, Olympia, Pierce County, Yakima, Tri-cities, and Seattle.


The second phase, we conducted 5 virtual workshops with the participation of 100 participants from Tri-cities, Pierce, South Olympia, Skagit, Renton, Arbury, Mount Vernon’s, Burie and, Kent. A total of 10 CHWs participate.


The third phase, we conducted 15 virtual workshops with 30 CHWs and a total of 300 participants  from Pierce County, King County, Skagit, Tacoma, Yakima, Kent, Auburn, Sunnyside, Connell, Federal Way, Mount Vernon, Royal City, Burien, Everett, Marysville, Shelton, Spanaway, and Tri-cities.

This campaign is funded by Kaiser Permanent

Workshops to reduce COVID-19 Vaccination hesitancy.

We developed 15 workshops with 30 CHWs as facilitators and 300 participants. In these workshops, we talked True about COVID-19 and vaccine. The workshops were from June to October, 2021.
The workshops were in Tacoma & Mabton, Pierce & King Cunty, Yakima & Kent, Auburn & Sunnyside, Skagit & Connell, Seattle & Federal Way, Mount Vernon, Royal City & Burien, Everett & Marysville, Seattle & Shelton, Spanaway & Mount Vernon, Sunnyside & Connell, Tri-cities.