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Economic Relief by CHWCMR Awarded Grant

Economic Relief for Indigenous Families affected by COVID-19

CHWCMR is happy to announce the first workshop in the prevention of COVID-19 and immunization for Indigenous Migrants in WA. Our North, Central and South American indigenous represent a varied of languages ( more than 10 in our states) and tribes from the most remote parts of tropical rainforests to ancient kingdoms that were as developed as any other region in the world. The Vaccine roll-our has demonstrated to be a structural barrier for people of color. Therefore, CHWCMR is now focused to fight against exclusion to improve access to COVID-19 immunization among our indigenous migrant force.  A total of 80 families will receive $500 after completing their workshops in COVID-19 prevention and immunization.

We are happy to inform that these Programs are dedicated to all people affected by COVID-19 and our CHWs who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic . Many of them lost their love ones.

These programs are dedicated to:

  1. Support CHWs working on rural, marginal and underserved areas affected by COVID-19;

  2. Educate CHW with  Medical Evidence resources and CDC & WA DOH guidelines, and

  3. Give a hope to thousand of families for our agricultural, migrants, refugees and people in need around the state by providing direct economic assistance.

Snohomish,  a total of 60 families will participate in our workshops to prevent COVID-19 and they will get a gift card $500 to buy a food also to give critical assistance for families affected by COVID-19.  Thank you to Community Foundation of Snohomish County.

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In King County, a total of 75 families will participate in our workshops to prevent COVID-19.  The first 50 participants affected by COVID-19 attended the workshop on December 16, 2020.  The last workshop will be done on Dec. 23th with 25 participants. All participants will receive a $100 gift card.

We are very happy to announce that we are able to assist 40 families affected by COVID-19 and wildfires by providing educational training in COVID-19 and $250 as economic relief. This is a joint effort of CHWCMR and Shen Yen Lu.

We provided to 400 families unable to receive unemployment benefit  King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, Olympia, Tri-cities, Yakima, and Skagit County an economic release of $500.  The grantees also receive training in the 7 steps to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Thanks to King County, Seattle Foundation, and Perigee Funds.

We are now working with 20 families in Grant County to provide a $250 economic release to families affected by COVID-19. They receive training in reducing the spread of coronavirus in the state. Thanks to Front and Centered.

We identify 25 people working in Restaurants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to get $500 through Plate Fund in King County.

In Pierce County, 50 families receive $1000 each with an HP -12 GB with Microsoft software, antivirus, internet hotspot, car cable, power battery. Thanks to Pierce County Connected Fund.

King County, a total of 75 families will participate in our workshops to prevent COVID-19 and a $100 to attend this training, thanks to King County Coronavirus Relief  Workshops-December 20.

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