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What do you need to know about Coronavirus?

CHWCMR would like to thanks to all CHWs who participated in our Workshop about what do you need to know about Coronavirus as well as CHP of Washington for its valuable contribution to include information about free nurse line advice for everyone who may believe has been in contact with the virus, regardless insurance in our web. We also have information from our local authorities about the coronavirus and interesting information about the genetic transmission of the coronavirus. Feel free to visit us at https://www.chwcoalition.org/new-outbreaks-emergying-diseases

CHWCMR quisiera agradecer a todos los campeones de la communidad que participaron en nuestro Taller sobre lo que deben saber sobre Coronavirus y CHP of Washington por su valiosa contribución para incluir consejos de enfermería gratuitos para todos los que creen estado en contacto con el virus, independientemente del seguro en nuestra pagina de internet

. También tenemos información de nuestras autoridades locales sobre el coronavirus e información interesante sobre la transmisión genética del coronavirus. No dude en visitarnos en https://www.chwcoalition.org/new-outbreaks-emergying-diseases


Washington State, United States of America

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