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Our Third Workshop to reducing pesticides exposure is successful done.

CHWCMR would like to congratulate Christian Lopez and Maria del Carmen Baranda for their successful workshop to reduce pesticide exposure in humans and the environment on Nov. 16th at Red Elm Café. The third workshop of a series of ten as an interactive activity. Participants shared with us how do they think Pesticides can have beneficial and harmful effects on humans and the environment. We also learned from one of our participants, who works in landscaping that they are not using any protection when they spray pesticides on the grass. Another participant shared that when he has sprayed pesticides, he experienced skin problems like irritation, itch, etc also he said his clothes got damage and he wonders how it can affect his health. Our champions also demonstrated how to clean fruit and vegetable from pesticides using vinegar, salts, lemon, and other natural products. Of course, they also downloaded our free mobile application Pestisol with the content of the workshop.

CHWCMR is very proud of educating our migrants, and people working in landscaping, garden about pesticides and thanks PPG for funding our project.

Washington State, United States of America

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