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CHWCMR supports art, culture, folklore, gastronomy.

Congratulations to Luis Amado, Francisco Matias, and Alvaro Diaz for the important activity; oral health education for pregnant women and children during the II Latinix Folkloric-Gastronomic and Art Festival on Nov. 23rd. Hundred of people attended our boot. Some of the attendees also registered at

https://dentistlink.org/provider. This resource can sign you for a dentist's appointment for you easy and quick.

Everyone who stopped at the table received information from us, brochure with oral health education for pregnant women and children and some goodies, and dentist link card. Thanks to Arcora for the sponsorship.

On behalf of CHWCMR and Arcora thanks to the organizer of the event for the well-done job!

Washington State, United States of America

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