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Mental Health

Reducing mental health in our communities who are victims of social injustice environment, violence, racism and trauma is essential.

The Program focused on the connection between behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. 

CHWCMR Caminando con Mamá is a Community Health Worker-led, train-the-trainer program that will aid 320 families over 3 years. It will bring socio-emotional support, knowledge about maternal mental health, dissolution of mental stigma, and connection to resources. Parents deserve mental health support during a major life event such as giving birth. Caring for a newborn is difficult unto itself - postpartum depression adds levels of difficulty no one should face alone. Studies show the connections between parental mental health, parent-child bonding, and health outcomes for children. We should walk this journey together.

Key Resources


1 in 5 women suffer of maternal mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. The most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


Over 60% of adults have experienced trauma or adversity during childhood. This can have long-term effects on health, well-being, and opportunity.


Fifty percent of all lifelong mental disorders begin by age 14.

Salud Mental in la Communidad
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Painting and Mental Health
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Updates on this program

10 Mitos de la Salud Mental

10 Mitos de la Salud Mental

1/18/23, 6:54 PM

Hoy en The Social Circle con Kathleen Pérez, hablamos de los mitos de la salud mental. The Social Circle se presenta todos los viernes al...

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