Coronavirus Program

CHWCMR and our Community Champions have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with education, materials and economic relief.

Animated Videos

We produce 24 animated videos focused on the prevention of COVID-19 with members of the community from Skagit, Olympia, Pierce County, Snohomish, King County, and Tri-cities. Educated 360 families around the state. View videos >>

COVID-19 Educational Economic Release

We provided to 91 families unable to receive unemployment benefit  King County, Shonomish County, Pierce County, Olympia, Tri-cities, Yakima, and Ska git County an economic release of $500.  The grantees also receive a training in the 7 step to reduce COVID-19 transmission.  See more >>

Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer

We distributed 52,000 facemasks statewide for children and  7,000 for adult farmworkers and other essential workers.  We also gave sewing machines to our CHWs around the state to produce 800 masks to distribute in their communities. We distribute 25,000 hand sanitizers for children statewide in January 2020. 

Multicultural Awareness Campaign

Our Community Health Workers produced Covid-19 prevention videos in 9 Latinx indigenous languages, as well as Spanish language radio spots, TV, virtual videos and workshops.   Listen & watch >>


Animated Videos Produced


Families Provided with Economic Release and Training


Masks Distributed in WA State


Updates on this program

CHWCMR lanza el programa COVID-19 Public Health

CHWCMR lanza el programa COVID-19 Public Health

6/24/21, 10:23 PM

Con bombos y platillos CHWCMR lanzó la semana pasada su programa COVID-19 Public Health que se encuentra generosamente financiado por...



6/22/21, 12:10 AM

!Fórmulas mágicas! Esas dos palabras que han utilizado muchas veces nuestros abuelos, padres, familiares y vecinos para curarnos de...

CHWCMR & Uber se unen para llevarte gratis a los Centros de Vacunación

CHWCMR & Uber se unen para llevarte gratis a los Centros de Vacunación

6/17/21, 8:50 PM

CHWCMR, liderado por su Directora Ejecutiva, Dra. Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, ha trabajado arduamente desde el inicio de la pandemia para que...