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We are proud to collaborate with a National-Kaiser Permanent and PGP on COVID-19 Education Campaign.

On Tuesday, March 9, Kaiser Permanente will publicly announce the launch of the COVID-19 equity public education campaign.

The campaign consists of:

· Collaboration with social media-influencers whose trusted voices deliver COVID-19 prevention messages to specific communities, including Black/African American, Latinx, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander audiences;

· Bilingual public service announcement advertisements prioritizing to Latinx and Black/African-American audiences; and

· Financial support and resources for community-based organizations across the country.

To date, the effort has:

· Engaged more than 135 social media micro-influencers.

· Supported two public service announcement advertising campaigns, along with consumer-facing carrying COVID-19 prevention messages that prioritize African-American ( and Latinx ( audiences.

· Provided $5 million in grants to support dozens of nonprofit and community-based organizations that are providing direct assistance to those most affected by COVID-19.

Developed a digital download center ( with free resources to complement the existing work of community-based organizations of all kinds in their tireless efforts to protect the people in their communities from COVID-19


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