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The power of the CHWs during the COVID-19 pandemic in WA.

We are happy to announce our third workshops that our CHWs are conducting to improve knowledge and participation of Latinx in the COVID-19 Vaccination in the state of WA. Thanks to the our sponsors Kaiser Permanente and Public Good Projects.

Thanks to our Champions:

Vanessa Rojas and Silvia Macedas to conduct a first workshop on Jan 30, 202

Susana Manriquez and Nohemi for conducted the second workshop on Feb. 4, 2020

A total of 32 families took the workshops and they are sharing their virtual videos and materials with 320 participants. Most of them are ready to take the COVID--19 shot since many members of their families are dealing with the physical and social-economic sequels of the pandemic.

We are bringing the message to our communities and we are doing our public health endeavor. Since we are only a 13% of the population with the higher rate of infectious of COVID-19 with 32% and only 2% of vaccination based on WA DOH. It is unclear what is the public health intervention to outreach Latinx who have higher risk to get sick and hospitalize from COVID-19. No one will be able to control this pandemic if the one who are at high risks are not able to get the vaccine.

We hope all CHWs will have access to COVID-19 shot. We are here to help and ready to outreach and mobilize our communities, so far structural barriers are making it a challenge for us. So we do what we can do it. Send message to our officials who have not been responded yet.


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