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Happy Thanksgiving?

Happy thanksgiving is a day that I do not feel comfortable,

because I really do not know what is celebrating: kindness

from our American Natives to welcome and help migrants

to survive or the beginning of the massacre

of our American Indigenous people by those conquerors.

I think it depends on the color or your skin and your ancestral origin

As mestiza, I am proud of my Indigenous blood,

but I cannot say the same about my European blood, blood of a ball of criminals and rapists,

who came to take by force Las Americas to exterminate our indigenous people.

Misnamed Indians by an Ignorant Admiral, Christophel Columbus. Who died believing that he had arrived to India, the same one who gave mirrors to our

American indigenous in exchange for gold.

Before the invading colonized Las Americas, there was only one territory with our indigenous ancestries, until the expropriation of the lands and the survivors assigned to concentration camps.

I think many of us feel confused during this day, because there is a historical sadness

In honor of the world's immigrants and refugees, we will celebrate this day and

welcome all of us who fight for a better world

Full of love, respect, and cultural humility.


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