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Do you know that the U.S. Census is not counted all of us.

In every census, there are certain socioeconomic and demographic factors that include age, housing status, and language that can influence self-response. The traditional socioeconomic and demographic factors that have tended to correlate with lower levels of self-response have included:

People of colorLow-income or no-income households

Rural residents

Frequent movers or renters

Large or single-parent households

Foreign-born residents

Low educational attainment households

People who distrust government authorities or could be targets of law enforcement

The 2020 Census is the first occasion that online is the Census Bureau’s preferred method of self-response. New socioeconomic and demographic factors may influence response rates, including older residents, households without computers or homes with inadequate access to the internet. You will want to reflect on your community and decide what factors might have an influence on participation – and it may differ from that which has been true in the past.


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