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CHWCMR is proud to support the Division of Emergency Preparedness, WA DOH - Asylum Project

Many of our community partners may not aware of the important work that WA DOH is doing in supporting people looking for asylum in USA.

Unfortunately, many people enters our frontier, are incarcerated, while they waiting for the status. Since they are incarcerated, they are at high risk to get infected by diseases as COVID-19 when they enters to USA. Our people looking for asylum comes from a regimen to escape from the violence and political persecution. The trip is a horrible, all an odyssey, many of them did not make the trip. Ignoring that USA is not the promising land as they think, since we also confront many social injustice, and discriminations, but it is much better than living on our countries of origin.

When our immigrants got COVID-19, they are taken by WA DOH, Division of Emergency Preparedness, heroes of this pandemic in our state. They works so hard for our patients, they take care of them and do the best to fulfill their demands as much as possible. It is why they are working with us to provide translation services and transportation to our immigrants.

Community Health Workers for Migrants and Refugees (CHWCMR) selected their best CHWs, they do not only speak the native language , but they understand them, because they also were immigrants and refugees, serving our compatriots. The WA DOH staff is taking care of our immigrants during the quarantine 24/7 and we are honored to support this altruistic and noble cause. When immigrants finished the quarantine, WA DOH sends our CHW champions to reunify them with their families. Our CHWs took them to the airport with deeply feelings, our migrants expresses their gratitude about the great care they received from the WA DOH and CHWCMR staff during their quarantine. They receive medical support and other assistance, such as clothing and meals and all is free.

Whey they get the airplane ticket a staff from WA DOH is the one who prepare food for their trip. Our CHWs provides emotional support in listening their stories, and full their needs as getting water, coffee or connecting with their medical personal.

Our CHWs are now getting many love letters, messages and videos with expressions of gratitude of a immigrant that will never forget WADOH and CHWCMR.

I do not want to finish this blog without clarify some misinformation.

1-Immigrants are victims, they are not criminals

2- People is dying of COVID-19 in our country, because the are not taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and preventive measures.

3- The pandemic affect everyone vaccinated and unvaccinated, then use social distance, use face masks and clean your hands

4- Children also can get the long COVID-19 and also they can die.

5- Data speaks the true and we are living a crisis of unvaccinated in our state.

All our respect and admiration to WA DOH, Division of Emergency Preparedness, and our CHW champions assigned to this important project.


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