2020 Oral Health Workshops/Arcora Foundation

2020  Virtual Oral Health Workshops

Congratulations to our Olympia and Tri-cities Teams for conducting two virtual workshop with the participation of 37 participants on July 26th and August 13th respectively.

Also thanks to Arcora Foundation for helping us to improve the quality of oral health statewide.

Congratulations to our ALA Garifuna Women for their first -virtual workshop in Oral Health.  A total of 18 participants  on Sunday, Oct. 25th, 2020.

2017-2019 Face to Face Oral Health Workshops

During the last three years, CHWCMR conducted 32 oral workshops with a total of 697 participants living in rural and low-income communities in Washington State from 2017-2019.

Washington State, United States of America

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