Location: At the Bing Kung Chinese New Year Celebration with 200, Seattle Participants: 250 

Date Feb. 02, 2020.

Facilitators: Drs. Ponce and Parchman and Will Chen, Edmons Housing Comnmisioner 

Location: Community Covenant Church, Olympia

Participants: 70 People

Date: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020

Facilitators: Dr. Mejia and Norma Barahona

Location: Primera Iglesia Bautista, Shelton

Participants: 20 people

Data Feb.98, 2020 

Facilitators: Dr. Mejia and Nolvia Barahona.

Location: Lynwood at the Chen Family- Chinese New Year Participants: 20 people in Date: Feb. 9,. 2020.

Facilitators: Drs. Ponce and Parchman and Will Chen 

Location : Iglesia Agua Viva International, Belfair Activity

Participants: 350

Facilitators: Dr. Mejia and Nolvia Barahona

Location: Mount Vernon, Skagit, Local Radio

Participants: 20 in the streets and radio audience

Date From Feb. 21

Facilitators: Mixtaco-Silvia Maceda

Location: South Park and White Center and Lynwood

Participants: Outreach local business, streets, and CPR events

Date from Feb. 15

Facilitators: Isabel Quijano, Monica Duarte, Luis Amado & Francisco Matias

Location : Korean Market, Edmonds

Participants: 30

Date: Feb. 21, 2020

Facilitators: Dr. Ponce-Gonzalez, 

Ernesto Ramirez with the support of Vivian Olson, Edmonds Council Members and Will Chen.

Washington State, United States of America

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